FULL TIME: Lazio 2 – 1 Juventus

Lazio beat Juventus at the Olimpico, but the Bianconeri went to the final of the Italian Cup . The Biancocelesti won 2-1, but Allegri’s men were smiling thanks to the success of the first leg (2-0 for the Bianconeri).

Castellanos deceives the Romans with a brace between the first and second half (12′ and 48′), then Milik with the first ball touched (82′) gives them the pass for the last chapter of the Italian Cup. Now the Bianconeri are waiting to find out who between Atalanta and Fiorentina will be the challengers in the final which will be played on May 15th at the Olimpico in Rome.


Tudor finds Romagnoli and Guendouzi again, with the Frenchman forming an almost unprecedented pairing in midfield with Cataldi, while Castellanos is still up front. With Gatti disqualified, Alex Sandro takes his place in the defense chosen by Allegri, with Vlahovic there is Chiesa.

After an initial study phase, with the Bianconeri and Biancocelesti taking measures, the first opportunity fell at the feet of Cambiaso in the 7th minute, with the Juventus winger receiving a lucky rebound from Chiesa’s shot attempt after a good overlap of Kostic, but the right-footed shot ends wide of the goal defended by Mandas.

Action that gives a first shock to Lazio, more aggressive on the balls in midfield played by the Bianconeri. Aggression that leads to a double corner for Tudor’s men who, on the second kick by Luis Alberto, break the deadlock: in the 12th minute Castellanos towers over Alex Sandro, with the Brazilian inattentive in the defensive phase and away due to the block, with the Argentine He heads the ball past Perin.

A goal that actually lights up the match and revives the qualification discussion, with Lazio believing in it and Juve not giving up. The Bianconeri immediately try to react with Chiesa and Valhovic, but the forwards are too isolated to harm the Capitoline defense. Tudor’s men were saved in the 23rd minute thanks to Mandas, with the Greek goalkeeper closing the door on Vlahovic after a good move orchestrated between Rabiot and Chiesa.

Both on one side and the other there is no shortage of incursion attempts, with Juventus making an aggressive effort to seek the equalizer which would remove the specter of balance in the 180′ and Lazio instead looking for the goal of tranquility to play for it. open face in the second half.

In the 44th minute Castellanos, face to face with Perin, was hypnotized by the Juventus goalkeeper, with a serious naivety of the Old Lady’s defense not fully exploited by the Argentine for his personal brace. Last great opportunity and last bell of the first half which ends with Lazio in the lead.

At the start of the second half Tudor leaves Gila in the locker room to put Patric on the field, while Allegri makes no changes. And Lazio starts strong, very strong indeed, finding the 2-0 goal to return to balance between the home and away legs: in the 48th minute Cataldi unloads on Felipe Anderson who finds the corridor for Luis Alberto who unloads for Castellanos who manages to take a position on Bremer who keeps him in the game for his personal double.

In the 56th minute McKennie tries to rekindle Juventus’ ambitions, with the foray down the left ending with a pass to the center for Vlahovic who however is miraculously anticipated on the line by Marusic who denies the Serbian attacker the goal. Allegri’s men then try to increase the turnover, attempting central incursions which however are promptly closed by the Capitoline defense which responds in an orderly manner. For Cambiaso, Weah is Allegri’s attempt to shake up his team, with the American placing himself on the right flank.

And the Juventus goal arrives from the right in the 82nd minute : Milik , who entered a few seconds earlier, is the man of providence for Allegri, with Weah catching him in the center for the winning tap-in. Bianconeri who don’t stop and try to push to find the equalizer, but despite everything the Biancocelesti defense closes and denies the joy.

On the other side, once Castellanos has left, the balls of hope are entrusted to the forwards of Hysaj and Marusic for Immobile and Casale, who launches forward as an added attacker. But after 6′ of added time, at Orsato’s final whistle, Juventus are celebrating, with one of the sweetest defeats of this season.

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