Fury insists his match-up with Oleksandr Usyk in Riyadh is all about the money

Britain’s Tyson Fury takes on Ukraine’s Oleksandr Usyk in the heavyweight title-unifying fight at Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Ring walks for the undisputed title fight will begin at 22:00 GMT and will soon be followed by the bout.

Fury insists his match-up with Oleksandr Usyk in Riyadh is all about the money.

“The truth is it’s exciting to me and attractive because of the amount of money I’m getting paid,” he said earlier this week.

“Not because of the belts that’s on the line.”

It is true that the self-styled “Gypsy King” – Fury is the son of Irish Travellers – will earn north, perhaps far north, of $100m from the fight but there is a sense that he may just be covering up a little bit.

So is it just about the gold, pleasant though that be?

“There are so many belts on the line and nothing competes with that,” Fury said last month in direct contradiction of this week’s soundbite.

“This is the fight of the ages, nothing can compare with this. Not a show fight, not a crossover fight, not YouTube boxing, nothing.

“This is two undefeated world heavyweight championships colliding for all the belts and it hasn’t been done since whenever.”

Fury has the build and the power and the presence. He hurts people with his punches, but if there is a mental weakness, it may cost him.

The Gypsy King is in no doubt that this is the moment when he joins those other boxing legends.

“If Tyson Fury can’t beat Usyk, Tyson’s no good, end of,” he said.

“This is my time, my destiny, my era and my generation. Fact.”

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